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About Us

HUANBOHAI ENERGY TRADING CENTER OCCIDENTAL (hereinafter HETCO) is a company established in different countries, such as: Portugal, Sao Tomé, Spain and the United Kingdom. The objective of this company is to develop the business of crude derivatives under the same system as its parent company, DALIAN HUANBOHAI ENERGY TRADING CENTER, and also under its technological support. We are focused on crude oil, gasoline, diesel, refined petroleum and a large number of energy products.

Our purpose is to offer our associates the same service that Dalian offers to his associates, acting as a purchasing center for the regions of Europe, Africa (including Asia, although this region is mostly covered by HETC).

HETCO, like its HETC support, will always support the “Integrity, Standard, Fusion and Win-Win” vision. With the aim of becoming a strategic point, since with its system and conditions it will facilitate the supply of derivatives in the territories in which it operates.

HETC is the parent company of HETCO, and the operations and movements carried out are backed by Dalian.

Dalian Huanbohai Energy Trading Center (Group Corporation), hereinafter as HETC, was established in June 2014. HETC is the first international energy spot trading center in China, including energy spot commodities trading, warehouse & logistics, supply chain financing. Headquartered in Dalian Bonded Area–the core region of China (Liaoning) Pilot Free Trade Zone. HETC has 12 branches (7 oversea branches in USA, Russia, Canada, Nigeria, Azerbaijan, Colombia and 5 domestic branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao). HETC’s business covers international and domestic crude oil, fuel oil, refined oil, LNG, LPG, asphalt and other large energy spot commodity transactions, and now HETC has more than 300 member enterprises, reaching a cumulative transaction volume of more than 60 million MT.
Relying on regional advantages and preferential national policy advantages of free trade zone and local policy in Dalian, and following the national «One Belt One Road» development strategy, HETC has created a complete set of advanced online spot trading system through the internet, internet of things technology, financial innovation, RMB settlement and the global warehouse & logistics distribution system. Online spot trading system provides both domestic and oversea member enterprises with 8 categories of “one-stop” professional high quality services such as spot trading listing, contract management, delivery management, online payment, online financing, warehouse & logistics, big data information sharing. Now HETC has become a widely recognized international energy trading platform in the world.

HETC will always uphold the vision of “Integrity, Standard, Fusion, Win-Win”, and strive to become a world-class energy spot trading center with international standard services to increase the China’s voice in international energy trading market. HETC will also establish the energy pricing mechanism based on the market factors in China to promote the energy cooperation between different civilization and expand international energy transaction to achieve interconnectivity into an open and new pattern