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HETC & ASSETERA build global clearing center of digital currency

On February 12, in 2021, Dalian Huanbohai Energy Trading Center (HETC) in China forms strategic partnership with ASSETERA, which is the developer and designer of the world’s leading APP–DeFi, to jointly establish research and development operating centers in Dubai, Shanghai and Dalian to promote the application of digital currencies in energy settlement system centers.

Headquartered in Dubai, ASSETERA is a global financial marketplace for asset-backed token instruments based on digital certified assets. The company was founded to provide access to digitized assets to people, globally in an easy, secure and compliant way, mean optimizing the middle links, enhancing traditional banks and existing financial systems, and enabling efficient use of capital. At present, Application-DeFi has been jointly established in Europe to test the application of digital banking and digital asset exchanges, in conjunction with existing stock exchanges and banking and other financial platforms, is gradually activating a variety of assets around the world and applied to digital currency multi-scenario applications.

Recently, ASSETERA developed a new global token standard–GTS21, representing almost all types of certified and digital assets, creating a digital certification asset standard that will be used in the future in a trading system built in cooperation with the Huanbohai Energy Trading Center (HETC).

Mr. Allen Wu, who is the co-founder of ASSETERA, says: «This partnership will promote the use of digital currencies in the domestic and international energy settlement system. On the basis of close contact with RMB, US dollar, euro, etc., and then research and develop products linked to it, which will be used in the global energy industry and will gradually penetrate into the oil and gas field production, processing, transportation, wholesale, retail and other links of the entire industrial chain in the future. ”