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HETC China was invited by Libyan government for cooperation

At the invitation of Libyan government,local time,on March.20th, 2019, HETC Chief representative in Europe — Mr.J.Javier Silva Ruiz,HETC Director Manager in Europe — Mr.Chen Zhenghua and Libyan cooperated partner — Mr.Jamal Hasan went to Tripoli,Libya to attend the meeting for post-war reconstruction and energy cooperation.

The Libyan government attached great importance to this meeting. The prime minister — Abdallah ab dal rahman al thani, vice prime minister — Abdussalam M.A.Elbadri and national energy minister — Fakhri Al-Massmari attended the meetings and met the HETC Chief representative respectively.

Both parties held serious discussions on major projects such as Libyan post-war reconstruction, energy cooperation and infrastructure construction, reached consensus on specific implementation plans and signed cooperation agreements.

By participating in Libyan post-war reconstruction and energy cooperation, HETC China will bridge the China-Libya friendship and make contribution to China-Libya friendship.

Libyan state television followed the meeting live.

Date: 2019-03-23