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HETC held meeting with LARMAG RESOURCES

On December 17, 2019, Mr. Samuel Maldonado, CEO of LARMAG RESOURCES, visited HETC for a meeting on crude oil cooperation.

The president of HETC Mr. Zhu, the general representative of HETC in Europe Mr. Javier Silva, deputy GM of international of HETC Mr. Chen Mingkun and the CEO of LARMAG RESOURCES Mr. Samuel Maldonado attended the meeting.

Mr. Samuel Maldonado’s visiting and cooperation with HETC will ship the crude oil into China and sell within HETC’s platform, and export Chinese refined oil products to Mexico. Both parties had in-depth discussions on the details of crude oil sales to China and refined oil products export to Mexico.

The cooperation has established energy cooperation between China and Latin America, deepened cross-regional resource advantages, and further improved the global strategic layout of HETC. The two sides will closely follow the national development strategy of «One Belt One Road», and strive to maximize the interests of both sides, achieve win-win cooperation and make greater contributions to the economic and trade development of the two countries.