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Account Mannager in Europe HETC


Professional Training. Over 35 years of vast professional experience in the financial sector and private banking, acting as a specialist in comprehensive financial consulting, senior asset management consultant, financial services specialist and later as a partner and senior financial consultant in various companies and prestigious banks in the financial sector. Covering large geographic areas of clients, such as: Portugal, Switzerland, official Portuguese-speaking countries (Palop), both in Africa and in Latin America. Planning, design, proposals and active management of clients' assets according to their preferences, profiles and investment objectives. Counseling and meetings with clients traveling through assigned geographic regions to assess the status, needs, risks, objectives, and progress of assets under management. Preparation of financial statements, reports and forecasts of commercial activities and Development, organization and maintenance of client portfolios. As part of the initial development of the job, he also acquired and developed professional experience in various family-related financial, commercial and real estate activities. Academic training Bachelor of Business Administration (1998) from the European University (ISLA), Portugal, with specialized professional training in the Official Order of Portuguese Financial Accountants, license issued in September 2017 with credential identifier no 6172.